About Me#

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Over 10 years professional experience with extensive background in enterprise devops environments, both with design architecture and development. Proficient with architecture across environments and frameworks including Cloud, containers, and on premise environments. Experience with implementing devops philosophy across organizations, developing agile, mentoring team members, and working both with stakeholders for requirements and dev teams for implementation, and implementing security components and policies across each of these areas. I have also been heavily involved in the creation and growth of teams across a variety of markets.


  • MS  Data Analytics, 2022

    Western Governors University

  • BS Cybersecurity, 2020

    Bellevue University

  • AAS  Network Information Systems, 2004

    Southeast Community College

Work Experience#


Principal Security Engineer

  • As a Principal Security Engineer at a fast-growing startup such as Cerebral, I am tasked with a variety of duties ranging from designing implementations for operations, to improving security posture. On any given day, I will be running scrum processes for multiple teams, assisting developers design a cloud architecture, building an ETL process, designing data science cloud environments, or mentoring other team members across a variety of disciplines. Our platform is heavily reliant on AWS, Kubernetes, and typescript/ruby/python. I provide guidance for both security and operational best practices in each of these areas. In addition to this, I also lead a team of six members to analyze, design, and implement a variety of security focused items across the environment at various stages beginning at the pipeline and ending at integrating with the runtime.


Lead Devops Consultant

  • As a consultant for FPComplete, I am tasked with a variety of duties ranging from assisting sales during pre-sale opportunities to supporting customers with multiple platform engineering tasks. These tasks include configuration and troubleshooting pipelines, designing cloud architecture, and kubernetes work. Many clients also involve some custom tooling be developed which my expertise often involves Python, Scala, and Rust. As a senior level consultant, I am also actively involved in developing business process and mentoring other team members in new technologies.

Object Partners

Principal Technical Consultant

  • As a consultant for Object Partners (OPI), I was tasked with a variety of duties ranging from assisting sales during pre-sale opportunities to supporting customers with multiple platform engineering tasks. These tasks include developing and improving process, configuration and troubleshooting pipelines, designing cloud architecture, mentoring client employees and assisting with the automation of existing applications and services. I was often asked to create initial design for organizations coming into the sales pipeline, and to assist on a variety of large scale projects as they became more complex. This often included mentoring a variety of team members across the organization on other projects. The following positions are all from my time as a consultant with Object Partners (OPI), but are not all encompassing due to the nature of consulting and occasionally having multiple clients at a time.

International Data Systems

OPI Consultant - Cloud Engineer

  • At IDS I worked closely with the development, cloud engineering, and upper management teams to recommend strategies for the migration and implementation of an on-premise core product onto an AWS platform. I recommended technologies, worked with management to achieve SOX compliance, architected new products, designed cloud networking, recommended employee training/growth paths, and improved monitoring. IDS utilized a variety of programming languages in their processes including NodeJS, Java, Python, Terraform, and Golang.

  • I was also heavily involved in the design and build of a real time streaming Apache Kafka platform.

  • I created an analysis of various solutions to upper management providing cost, benefits, and risks. Once they chose a solution I assisted with the project planning and technical scope of the project to achieve their deadlines. This project involved the deployment of Linux based EC2 instances with terraform, packer, and ansible, and the deployment and tuning of Java based software using a GitlabCI platform. IDS also had no experience internally in the management of real time streaming solutions, so I was involved in the training of development and operation teams on how to interact with the platform.

  • Provide cost/risk analysis to upper management on various cloud based solutions

  • Architect various cloud-based solutions around both Linux based EC2 and AWS serverless technologies

  • Design deployment strategies for Terraform based solutions

  • Support the design of system services using automation via AWS System Manager

  • Develop tooling around Python and Golang for automation tasks

  • Automate infrastructure deployment via Terraform and Ansible based pipelines

  • Implement CI pipelines within Gitlab CI

  • Identify and Recommend security risks for the cloud platform

  • Train IDS employees on multiple components of the AWS Serverless stack, including AWS Lambda, dynamoDB, and s3

  • Build and configure an AWS cross account Kafka Streaming solution

  • Train IDS employees on Real Time streaming solutions

  • Train operation teams on Terraform and Python based solutions

  • Migrate various on-premise based code solutions to cloud native components

  • Develop various support tooling to assist with management of AWS environment

  • Train IDS employees on Kubernetes and other cloud technologies

  • Tools Used: Terraform, Ansible, Python, Java, NodeJS, Bash, EC2, AWS lambda, AWS ACM, Apache Kafka, Amazon RDS, Golang, AWS Transit Gateway, Gitlab CI, Datadog, AWS Kubernetes

Well Health

OPI Consultant - Platform Engineer

  • Well Health is a cloud first health startup. Their platform included web and mobile applications. They began with no infrastructure, and were creating a multi-cloud environment across AWS and GCP. They wanted various service integrations into Microsoft Azure and hosted services to supplement their project, including Gitlab, DataDog, Cloudsploit, and PagerDuty. Well Health is a cloud first health startup. Their platform included web and mobile applications. They began with no infrastructure, and were creating a multi-cloud environment across AWS and GCP. They wanted various service integrations into Microsoft Azure and hosted services to supplement their project, including Gitlab, DataDog, Cloudsploit, and PagerDuty. Architect multi-region deployments of various AWS services

  • Implement agile methodologies within the technical teams.

  • Assist and design various data driven components of the organization.

  • Integrate and configure monitoring

  • Create and automate Docker containers for CI and operations

  • Automate infrastructure creation using terraform

  • Create Documentation and Drawings for the environment

  • Create organization wide Security policies across multiple AWS accounts

  • Write Lambdas primarily using Python for various configuration tasks

  • Verify security guidelines using AWS config and Cloud Custodian

  • Establish CI pipelines around serverless framework and components

  • Establish Pipelines around Nix using both the package manager and OS

  • Integrate AWS services with Azure Active Directory via SAML

  • Architect multi-cloud workflows, primarily around moving and processing data from AWS into GCP

  • Integrate and design the Infrastructure for the ETL solution around Apache spark and Amazon Kubernetes Service

  • Design Pipelines around deployment to Amazon Kubernetes Service

  • Audit and configure security around the Amazon Kubernetes Service

  • Tools used: Terraform, AWS Kinesis, AWS S3, AWS Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, Gitlab, Docker, AWS Cognito, AWS DynamoDB, AWS SNS, AWS SQS, DataDog, Azure Active Directory, Azure Blob, GCP Cloud Functions, GCP BigQuery, GCP Cloud Run, GCP Cloud Build, GCP Networking, Apache Spark, Tableau, Python

Northrop Grumman

Cybersecurity Systems Team Lead

  • Northrop Grumman is a Defense contractor for the US Department of Defense. My contract was to the 557 Weather Wing at Offut Air Force Base. In this role I performed a variety of duties which included implementation, review, and audits of various security controls required by the Department of Defense. I also provided recommendations to the customer and was involved in a variety of proof of concept migrations to AWS as part of a larger DoD push to provide more infrastructure in the cloud.

  • Assisted with design of secure CI/CD development solutions with Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube

  • Recommend security solutions to be included in future task orders

  • Designed and built on premise Docker based environment This utilized, Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Redhat Atomic servers

  • Document and Configure Security around Kubernetes

  • Train the program on Kubernetes Best Practices

  • Supported program with security decision making

  • Designed and implemented compliance automation using ansible

  • Assisted with planning and recommendations for cloud migrations

  • Created and automated infrastructure in AWS with Terraform.

  • Monitored and mitigated security findings in Redhat, AIX, and Solaris

  • Monitored and configured auditing using Splunk and Arcsight

  • Deployed Docker Images to AWS container service

Hayneedle, Inc

Senior Linux Engineer

  • Hayneedle runs an e-commerce website that provides a variety of goods for your home. Here I was a Senior Systems administrator in charge of automating the Linux environment.

  • Assisted with implementation of CI/CD using Jira, Fisheye, Crucible, Bitbucket, and Bamboo

  • Supported Oracle Database Implementations

  • Planned, designed, and implemented Redhat build automation using satellite, puppet, and ansible

  • Designed and implemented Solr and Zookeeper solutions

  • Migrated unit testing and deployment to unified Jenkins server

  • Built proof of concept Docker deployment using coreOS, Consul, and Kubernetes

  • Built Azure Kubernetes deployment with CI/CD using primarily Jenkins

Further Job History can be seen on my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seth-doty-969ab147/


  • Languages: Bash, Go, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala

  • Frameworks: ActiveRecord, Apache SOLR, Apache Lucene, Apache Zookeeper, Boto3, LDAP, Bootstrap, Jinja2, Ruby on Rails, Serverless, Vagrant, ActiveMQ, Memcached, RabbitMQ

  • Application Servers: Apache Http, AWS Lambda, GlassFish, IIS, JBoss, Jetty, Nginx, Oracle Application Server, Sun GlassFish EnterpriseServer, Terracotta, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere

  • Methodologies: Agile, Kanban, Chaos Engineering, ITIL

  • Tools: [‘Ansible, Apache Solr, Artifactory, Bamboo CI, Basecamp, Beanstalk, Bitbucket, Chef, Consul, Crucible, CVS, Docker, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Elasticsearch, Fisheye, Gerrit, Git, Grafana, Helm, Heroku, Jenkins, JIRA, JRebel, Kibana, Kubernetes, Linux, Logstash, MediaWiki, Mercurial, Nagios, Nexus, Openshift, Openstack, Packer,Puppet, SaltStack, Selenium, SonarQube, Splunk, Terraform, Vagrant, vCenter, vCenter, VirtualBox, VMWare, vSphere, Terragrunt, Gradle, Emacs, Spinnaker, Sumo Logic, Vault, Consul’]

  • Databases: Apache Zookeeper, AWS DynamoDB, AWS RDS, DB2, DynamoDB, Elastic Search, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift

  • Operating Systems: AIX, BeOS, DOS, ESXi, FreeBSD, Linux, macOS, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Windows, HP-UX, OS/2

  • Industries: Defense, E-commerce, Health, Insurance, Government, Contact Center, Military, Nonprofit, Point of Sale, Museum

  • Testing: Cucumber, JMeter, pytest, Rspec, InSPEC